Online advertising. Ads Google

  • Google Adwords campaigns (PAY PER CLICK).
  • Pay only when the user has clicked on your ad.
  • Schedule your budget; daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Choose the geographical area for your ads.
  • Measurement of immediate results.

The cost of designing, developing and executing a Google Adwords (Pay Per Click) campaign depends on many factors; available budget, geographic area, time period, type of audience to segment, etc.

It is for this reason that it is impossible to quantify and make systematic budgets for this type of Google Adwords campaign (pay per click). Go ahead, call us, tell us your idea and we will offer you the budget that best suits your possibilities.


  • How do we do it ?
  • Analysis and definition of the most used key words and phrases.
  • Target audience segmentation: Geographical area and hours.
  • Creation of the PPC campaign: Estimate of the “cost per click”.
  • Monitoring and control of the campaign carried out.
  • Objective: Highlight your image and brand against your competition


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