SEO positioning

Appearing at the top of the Google results list is what will really improve the visibility of your website. A well optimized web positioning is essential for any digital business.

The cost of designing, developing and executing an SEO and SEM positioning campaign depends on many factors; investment to be made, type of public to segment, geographic scope, period of time, actions to be carried out, etc.

It is for this reason that it is impossible to quantify and make systematic budgets for this type of Seo and SEM campaign. So, go ahead, call us, tell us your idea and we will offer you the budget that best suits your possibilities.


How do we do it ?

SEO ON Page Analysis: Backlinks enumeration.

KeyWords Analysis: Choosing Keywords.

Image optimization: All of your website.

WPO Optimization: The speed of loading of your website.

Link structure: Design of an effective link building.

Metadata Optimized metadata input per page.

Creation of quality content.


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